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Transformers Resonant / LLC Transformers

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Transformers Resonant / LLC Transformers

  • The LLC transformer is a key component in determining the efficiency of an LLC resonant converter.
  • The Kaschke design team have many years of expertise in the design of high power resonant half and full bridge topologies.
  • Litz wire and copper foil winding techniques may be employed for PCB mount solutions, usually with ETD and E cores.
  • LLC circuits require a controlled value of leakage inductance designed into the transformer and nobody understands the process better than Kaschke.
  • Below is a small selection of some LLC and resonant transformers currently in production.

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Feel free to contact Kormag with your requirements, we’re here to help and we know the pitfalls of LLC and resonant circuits. We work with the best materials, the best production processes and we employ the best people.

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