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Power Line Filters

Kaschke offer bespoke power line filters, designed not only to ensure compilance with EMC regulations but also to allow maximum performance with minimal heat generation. Our filters are built around the customer’s requirement, so size, shape, cooling performance and environmental conditions are all catered for.

Kaschke design and manufacture in Gottingen, Germany and take pride in the knowledge that our customers are assured of quality products, reliable supply and unrivalled quality. Every part is 100% tested before despatch.

We utilise conformal coating, varnish or potting compound to provide the environmental protection required for the application. In some cases we provide water cooling, allowing up to 50KW power filter stages to perform exceptionally, not just electrically but also thermodynamically. If you require exceptional filtering capability in a package dedicated to your application, contact Kormag to design and manufacture your filter components.

More information: info@kormag.co.uk