Custom windings

This is the sweet spot for our partner Kaschke, from 2mm micro-winding ring cores, SMPS Transformers, to 50kw storage chokes. Class B and Class F

Access to design with custom ferrite, standard shapes or even hybrid material cores. Whatever flavour has been invented we can offer a design.

We have ranges of standard winding platforms for custom windings. However, custom coil formers, in materials such as Rynite UL94-V and Polyamid, we can tool in house with Kaschke Components.

Processes for flat wire winding, Litz , tex-e and high temp Rubadue wires.

To help us help you. Please consider the points in the writable pdf forms from the tables below. This always saves a lot of time communicating for missing information.

Customer specifications for a custom Inductor.

pdf icon image

Customer specifications for a custom Transformer. pdf icon image

This information will allow us to offer a ball park price and identify if any specific tooling is necessary.

Please mail your completed request to