Aluminum Foil Snap-In to 450v

The KC11 Series is a range of high quality, high performance Snap-in electrolytic capacitors. Carefully selected to give you peace of mind in your designs.


Family   Reference

Temperature   Range °C

Lifetime   hours

Voltage Range V

Capacitance Range µF

General Purpose GP

-40 to +85   

(-25 to +85)

2k-3k @85°C 10~500 (13~550) 68~82,000 pdf icon image

Long Life


-40 to +105 

(-25 to +85)

5k-6k @105°C 10~450 ( 13~500) 68~56,000 pdf icon image
Higher Ripple RW

-40 to +105 

(-25 to +85)

2k-3k @105°C 16~500 (20~550) 39~47,000 pdf icon image

Extra High Ripple

XW -40 to +105 3k  @105°C 160~500 56~2,200 pdf icon image


We can also provide custom solutions with optimised parameters for your particular application. If you require further information or design help, please contact us on