Transformers Resonant / LLC Transformers

  • The LLC transformer is a key component in determining the efficiency of an LLC resonant converter.
  • The Kaschke design team have many years of expertise in the design of high power resonant half and full bridge topologies.
  • Litz wire and copper foil winding techniques may be employed for PCB mount solutions, usually with ETD and E cores.
  • LLC circuits require a controlled value of leakage inductance designed into the transformer and nobody understands the process better than Kaschke.
  • Below is a small selection of some LLC and resonant transformers currently in production.¬†

LLC and resonant transformers currently in production


Part No.


111575 E65, 3.6Mh, 96KHz Resonant pdf icon image


ETD54, 42-80KHz Resonant/LLC pdf icon image

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