Kaschke Range
Kormag are the UK representative for Kaschke Components Gmbh.

The 'Smartpower' range of off the shelf Flyback Transformers with a power range of 2.8W to 96W and can also supply custom ferrite cores and bobbins, resonant transformers, LLC transformers, high current flat wire inductors either single or multi-phase, storage chokes and common/differential chokes.

Capacitor Range
Xuansn Capacitors from Kormag

Are your current supplier leadtimes extending on your Snap-in parts? Can they offer you a 5 to 6 week delivery? Our offering has a specification that equals or exceeds components typically made by Panasonic, Jianghai, Rubycon and TDK. We source Polymer, Radial and Axial Electrolytics, Snap-in Electrolytics with a voltage range of 2.5v to 450v. High temperature, low ESR and extended life.

Capacitor Range
Echun Current Transducers, standard and to UL listings.

The standard and UL listed part offering from 0-100A. We can offer tin & strip wires or terminated PCB connectors. Full custom designs are available from the platforms.

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LLC Transformers

Up to 3KW. Typical platforms ETD34, ETD39, ETD44 up to ETD 59 and E100, flying leads if required.

Resonant Chokes

Kaschke low loss cores are ferrite based with great performance similar to Sendust or MPP cores and more competitively priced.

Snap-in Capacitors

We supply snap-in capacitors to 500v.

We also supply versions for High Ripple, Long Life, Low ESR and High Temperature.

Custom parts made to your exact specifications are also able to be sourced.

PFC/ Power Storage Chokes

In addition to our unique KLL (Kaschke Low Loss) ferrite material, we also design solutions using High Flux materials, for example: Sendust, Megaflux and amorpheous cores to 30KW potted and 50KW water cooled.

Polymer Capacitors

General purpose and low ESR versions in radial and SMT formats.

These capacitors offer exceptional ripple and life times in demanding applications.

We have off the shelf parts and can supply custom versions.

Flyback Transformers

For applications from 2.8W to 150W.

Current Transformers

For Applications in Metering and EV charger applications.

We have a range of off the shelf CT's from 1mA upwards.

We can also source custom parts for PCB mounting, with flying leads or chassis mounted for higher current applications.

Custom Ferrite

Nickel Zinc & Manganese Zinc based soft ferrite. Our popular ferrite are ring, E, U, I and Planar cores.

We have 24 grades of soft ferrite offering varying values of permeability, in particular our range of ring cores.

We can also supply ferrite sheets, to any shape with or without adhesive backing.

EMC Filter Chokes

A range of Common mode and Differential Mode Chokes used in EMC applications.

We have off the shelf common values for Common/Differential Mode versions.

We can also supply custom parts for 3 phase applications to 160A, however larger current ratings can be designed.

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