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Our Inductive/ Capacitor range covers standard and specialized component platforms for switching circuits
using Bridge, LLC and Flyback topologies.

Transformers and Inductors from 5-50Kw of power, using smd types through to flat wire windings.

Capacitors, MLCC to 450v snap in, wide and high temp, low ESR to the latest SuperCaps.

Kormag - A design to serial production partner. Custom winding designs, custom ferrite, custom capacitors,

UK representative for Kaschke Components GmbH.

Flyback Transformers

The Kaschke Smartpower range of Flyback Transformers are designed to be suitable for any application ranging from 2.8W to 96W.

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Transponders & Micro Coils

Micro coils for the medical industry. Trnasponder coils to TS16949.

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Power Storage Chokes

LLC, PFC, Resonant, KLL and water-cooled power devices.

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Resonant transformers and (LLC) function/h2>

Up to 3KW. Typical platforms up to ETD 59 and E100, flying leads if required.

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Ferrite Products

Kaschke Soft Ferrite are based on the magnetic materials, Nickel Zinc & Manganese Zinc...

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Capacitor Products

Our capacitor range covers standard and specialized component platforms...

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