Design Support

Modern Technology

Modern Technology opens up lots of great solutions. Many of them are our ours, from cars to toothbrushes, we wind coils for many applications with our OEM customers. Kaschke have a diverse range of cutting edge production techniques along with our own internal ferrite material design and innovative winding design teams. From small to large components, an A-Z of solutions for 2mm miniature micro coils to 240kW contactless energy transfer. From one prototype to 400k pieces per month. Put us to the test!

Your Power Supply- Design Support

We receive many requests for support with an existing design that needs a tweak or two to improve efficiency or a change of topology for a new application. We can recommend an excellent partner, who have enabled many projects into full production, in Convertor Technology.

From custom PSU, design and test reviews, to Emergency Tech support and Technical training.
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