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Kormag Approvals Data

Approvals Data

Meeting the EN Standards, A short table for all of our standard platforms
UL Listing of Materials
Kaschke Isolation System UL 1446, an explanation of how we approach and comply to UL standards.

All of our standard parts on the website for isolation barrier transformers comply.
A step forward in removing the approvals headache for this part in your design at least.

Meeting the EN Standards
Kaschke Platform EN Norms Creepage Distance
SP-E 13/4
EN60950 / EN61558 6.4mm
SP-E 13/6
EN60950 / EN61558
SP-E 16/5
EN60950 / EN61558 8mm
SP-E 20/6
EN60950 / EN61558 8mm
SP-E 25/7
EN60950 / EN61558 8mm
SP-E 30/7
EN60950 / EN61558 6.4mm Standard, 8mm on request
SP-E 36/11
EN60950 / EN61558 6.4mm Standard, 8mm on request

EN60950 and EN61558 are the standard specifications we work to as a transformer manufacturer. Pleace call to discuss the exact classification you require.

EN60065 (Brown Goods) EN60335 (White Goods and Battery Chargers)

Although all of the Kaschke platform parts are constructed to meet the basic standard, care must be taken to check your individual specification as the standard does change with higher working voltages and/or Class levels.

(i.e. EN60335 Class II states a 6mm creepage distance however if you require Class III then you require an 8mm creepage distance.)

UL listing of materials

We can provide a listing of the UL materials used within our construction for the components listed in the flyback and chokes tables. We will be glad to help and provide a spreadsheet indicating the materials used and their relevant UL number upon request.

UL1446 - System of Insulating Materials

Kaschke can offer the UL1446 materials temperature classification. The ideal scenario is to implement the standard during the component design, we can of course apply the standard to an existing SmartPower component but a new part number would be raised.

Kaschke E242005 (UL1446) + (CSAC22.2 No. 0-M91)
Class 130 degrees (B) Transformer insulation systems designated KIS-ME03
Class 155 degress (F) Transformer insulation systems designated KIS-ME01
Class 155 degrees (F) Transformer insulation systems designated KIS-ME02